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Hello and welcome to pokéchallenge, a bi-weekly icontest for the Pokémon anime, manga, games, trading card game, and merchandise! This community was started since there are no active Pokémon icontests around so that's how this one came into place. Please feel free to join and watch us for future updates! All Pokémon fans are welcome whether you're new to icon-making or not. Sometimes, we also host a Special Challenge and other events to unite the community.

New challenge & Voting - Friday
Results - Sunday

Your mods are kasumisukimix & seqc; if you have questions or concerns, please get in contact with us or leave a comment at the latest entry. We'll answer back promptly.


01. Contestants may submit up to 3 icons per challenge. Icons are to be 100x100 (or less if desired) and must be either .jpg/.png. No animated/gifs icons are allowed.
02. All icons must be official art from the Pokémon anime, manga, trading card game, merchandise, or games. Fanart is not allowed unless stated.
03. All icons must be new for each challenge. Contestants will be disqualified if your submitted icons are used anywhere else anytime during the challenge.
04. Do NOT ask others to vote for your icons. (The point is to compete, not cheat. You will be disqualified.) Your LJ name must not be visible anywhere on your icons; they will not be accepted.
05. Voting is weighed based on points. First Place gets 3 pts, Second Place gets 2 pts, & Third Place counts as 1 pt. Special Category is counted as a tally.
06. There will be winners for First, Second, Third, & Mod's Choice. Sometimes a Special Category is added if there are more than 16 entries.
07. Please respect one another. Drama will NOT be tolerated.

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